Key manager

This tool allows to assign different keys to adjust the graph, such as a period, type of bar (candle or bars), scale.
Then you can quickly switch between the saved settings.

If you played the game StarCraft, so there remain groups squads. Eg Ctrl +1 - the first group, Ctrl +2 - second, then you can quickly switch between the two companies, and can send them into battle.

Helpful information:

How to use

Settings can be saved to the key numbers from 0 to 9.
To save, press Ctrl together and one of the numbers on which to save the settings (0 to 9).
Current settings will be saved graph: period, chart type, zoom. Pre-configure these settings.
Advanced. The A and Z switch timeframes in a smaller and larger side.


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    • 30.01.2014
    • Angel83
    Весьма удобно, спасибо )

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